Thoughts About Animation by Rhode Island Animator: William Agosto

Adobe Flash and The Internet

We've all seen internet sites utilizing Adobe Flash. Simple or elaborate animations. Sound, music, interactivity makes a Flash website more of an experience than your average website.

With changes in CSS, Flash seems to be losing some steam with website designers these days. But that's not a bad thing to my reckoning. It will become a tool only a few will be utilizing. The folks who use it to essentially produce "slide show" transition effects will turn to other means to produce those. To the folks who love the art of animation like myself Flash will allow us to flourish and produce quality animations. Clips that cannot be produced otherwise. Unless it's with an insane amount of work in coding. And it will at best be an inferior version of what Flash is able to produce.

Animation is an artform I'm passionate about. It matters not what tools I use to produce my own animation work. I enjoying cartooning. And there is no feeling that equals the thrill of producing cartoon work that comes to life. Animation is the way to accomplish that. Flash is a great tool for executing those animations.